This is the famous Floyd boudreaux.

He has bred some of the best dogs in the past and they were as good as any dog-mans dogs. He told me a while back he hadn’t fought any dogs for over 20 years. I believe him.

He was arrested for various charges including dogfighting. They marched right in his place took his dogs out and put them to sleep after arresting him.

I have A problem with them destroying evidence. These dogs could have cleared him. If they were not marked up bad. I don’t believe they were.

I read an article where he was being watched with a spy satellite. What happened to our constitutional rights. He is a Cajun not an Arab.

This countries politicians and certain groups of citizens make me sick. The very freedoms our country was established under are in grave danger. We are slipping deeper and deeper into the very things people immigrated here to get away from.

Mayfield told stories about Floyd that could not be substantiated. These stories were told all around to the pitbull dog world. A friend told me a while back that democrats were trying to get pitbulls banned. This is half true. Two republicans and a democratic got tougher cockfighting and dogfighting laws passed on the federal level.

I read that George Bush just signed that new Federal law into affect the first part of May,2007. There is a republican from Moore, Oklahoma who is trying to get pitbull dogs banned in Oklahoma. Midwest city, Oklahoma , a town which has Tinker air-force base and is basically a republican town with no democrats in office on the state level. They have passed a bill banning all bulldogs.

There are also many states and towns with democrats who try to pass bills. This is not a political issue it is a bipartisan issue. They are trying to keep people safe.

This is caused by idiots using them for watch dogs and letting them get loose. Plus getting Pit-Bulls so ‘people aggressive’ they hurt members of their own family including babies. If you think I’m crazy look up the stats on my web I have a link to info. I

look for pitbulls to be banned someday because of stupidity. You can ban a dog but you can’t ban an idiot.

Personally I think an alternative to banning is to inspect the premises by the state to see if your yard is safe. Plus people who own them should have to attend a class learning the dos and don’ts of owning a pitbull and be certified. I hate for it to come to that but that in my opinion is the only way to establish a code for safety with pitbulls and it beats banning.

Everyone with pitbulls thinks I’m crazy for saying this but it is the better of two evils. Another thing that would cure the problem is that you couldn’t own a pitbull that weighs over 20 pounds. Like I always say that is about the only thing the government has left me with is an opinion. So I use it while I can before they take that away too.