Mountain’s man’s Zebo (American pit bull terrier) may arguably be called the “greatest ever fighting dog” . Zebo’s career began on the yard of Lester Hughes,” The Mountain Man”, where he won four times all quick kills. After his fourth he was shipped to the yard of Grady Cummings and while there, Cummings’ Red Fox made the mistake of getting off his leash and ran into Zebo and was killed. Grady then made Lester get Zebo off his yard. Zebo was then sold to Dave Adams of Ohio, of whom Zebo is best associated with. At first Mr. Hughes did not intend on selling Zebo but Mr. Adams came up with enough money to change his mind. Unfortunately Zebo attacked Mr. Adams son and nearly took his son’s ear off. After the request of Mr. Adams wife, Zebo was then sold again, this time to Mr. Johnson who fought him two more times. The last time to a son of his littermate brother, Vindicator. Mr. Johnson hoped to get another match in, but was unable to find any takers, despite the fact that Zebo was past seven years old at this point. Thus, Zebo was retired to stud, and lived to the age of 13,siring his last litter just days before his death. He had lost his sight at the end, due to damage that he had sustained, for no dog was ever to get to his rear.

Zebo produced Stepp’s CH Willie and Adams’ CH Katy when bred to Tomsic’s Spider ROM. CH Willie was, as said by some, to have the destructive ability as his sire, by killing each his opponents in times of :27, :54, and :29 minutes. Others produced by Zebo were CH Ruby, CH Abuelita, CH Diamond Jim, Clemmon’s 2XW Z-Boy, Nigger Toby, Super Gnat’s 2XW Blackie and Hughes’ Gator just to name a few of the good dogs he sired. He is the grand sire to some great ones like Doc’s CH Moe who was a grand champion until he ran into Red B’s CH Charlie. Many said that Moe went to the well one too many times in his loss to CH Charlie. After his victories over CH Fargo and his brother Basket, too much was taken out of him to go into a much younger dog like Charlie.

The breeding that produced Zebo and his littermates was one of those outstanding litters that only come once in a great while. Basically this breeding was a Dibo/Old Family Red Nose/Colby cross which explains why all of Zebo’s littermates were red or red/red nosed. But where did this one black dog come from??? Many speculate Zebo wasn’t bred as represented. For one Mr. Hughes purchased Zebo from Lonzo without any papers. Some claim that Mr. Hughes sold many different Zebos. A lot claim Zebo to be half brother to another famous pair, Eli jr. and Bullyson. Although, Lonzo’s Andy was a black dog himself and Zebo threw nothing but black dogs, even when bred to various females of different colors, it still remains a question in a lot of people’s minds.